"A bomb of beauty and soul."


Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert is a Montreal-based vocalist with experience in a wide
variety of styles from Spanish folk and conscious hip hop to improvised funk and soul.

She has performed professionally for the past twenty years and has trained with many gifted
musicians including Bobby McFerrin and Zakir Hussain at Carnegie Hall.

Since 2009 she has been writing, recording and performing locally and internationally
with Fruiting Bodies, an eclectic vocal trio accompanied by harp, that carefully crafts
beautiful three-part harmonies with whimsical instrumentation.

During that time she also led the NDG Singing Circle, hosted the Green Mic Open mic,
studied Sound Healing, co-created Japanese performance pieces and worked as a
research assistant for avant-garde choir director and sound artist Kathy Kennedy.

She is currently working as the Song Leader and Choir Director of the Unitarian Church
of Montreal
, and just released her first full-length solo album of soul/blues originals,
entitled “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”.

It’s now available through Bandcamp by clicking below.
All major online platforms to follow.

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